Alepia - Aleppo Soap And Laurel Oil


Alepia is a French manufacturer of natural body care products such as Aleppo Soaps and other cosmetics based on Aleppo Soap and Laurel Oil. 

Aleppo Soap, also known as Savon d'Alep or Laurel Soap, derives its English and French names from the city of Aleppo, Syria where it is reputed to have been made for thousands of years. 

Aleppo soap is believed to have been developed in Syria some 2,000 years ago.  There are many references to the royalty of antiquity, like Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Queen Zenobia of Syria, who used Aleppo Soap as their beauty secret.



What is included in the Aleppo Soap?

Olive oil, bay laurel oil, water and traces of soda. Be aware  that commercial soaps are largely based on tallow, fat obtained from carcasses of cattle in a slaughterhouse! Aleppia Aleppo soap is 100% vegetable.

Aleppo soap and Aleppia cosmetics are manufactured in respect for the environment, packaging is minimal and recyclable. Raw materials are specially selected and bought from local farmers in respect of fair trade.


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